Kriegar Pakawood Handle Folding Straight Razor

3 thoughts on “Kriegar Pakawood Handle Folding Straight Razor

  1. If you used to be a ‘bad guy’ in a western motion picture you’d have your gun pointed at the hairdresser beneath the barber’s cape in case the hairdresser was thinking about taking the law into his very own hands. If you've not got around to using quality shaving soap and a good brush, you are truly missing out.

  2. It's also awfully economical. He's been utilizing the same razor for eight weeks now and it's still as sharpened as the 1st time he used it.

    I was delighted about this Gilette Mach3 Turbo Shaving System Razor. I used it once on my legs.

    I haven't got extraordinarily hairy legs but I should say that after using it, my legs became smoother.

  3. I told him to try it so as the electrical shaver gives him nicks. There is no hard in trying.

    He eventually agreed. The day after, we met and he greeted me with enthusiasm. He announced that he loved it.

    The blades do their work awfully well. He did not have to reiterate the motion because in the first application, all his stubbles are gone.

    He glided his finger across his jaw and he did not feel any trace of little hair. He also loved the assumption that he did not have to use the electricity to shave. It can be pretty noisy. Whenever he’s shaving in the morning, everybody at home knows what he’s doing thanks to the noise of the gadget.

    With this new razor from Gillette, he could actually feel the power of the blades.

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