Axe Philips Norelco XA913/42 Electric Razor


(as of 04/29/2016 at 17:47 UTC)


The Axe Phillips Norelco electric razor, XA913/42, is designed for maximum comfort with real results for a clean shave every time. Get a smooth shave free of nicks, cuts and irritation with the shaver. The individual floating heads adjust to every contour of your face. Rinse the device under the faucet for easy cleaning. The cordless electric shaver is rechargeable and ready to use for up to 30 minutes from one charge. A cleaning brush, protective cap and charging cable are included with this shaver. The shaver can be used without gels, lotions or creams. Make this cordless electric shaver part of your daily routine and get the shave you want without any irritation. Get noticed for your skin with this Phillips Norelco electric shaver.


  • Comfortable, smooth shave; Close results without nicks, cuts or irritation
  • Individual flexing heads follow the curves of your face
  • Close cut blades for close, efficient shaving
  • Rinse under the faucet for easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable: up to 30 minutes use from one charge


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