Your Questions About Best Electric Razor For Women

William asks…

The best electric razor for women with asian hair.?

What is the best electric razor to use for women who have thick asian hair. My hair grows back really fast and when it grows back (after about 12 hours) it feels like sand paper. What kind of razor should i use?

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Maria asks…

Best Women’s Electric Razor???

What is the best women‘s electric razor and why? I’m looking for a good one

admin answers:

A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

James asks…

What is the best shaving razor that is electric for women.?

I need it to be under 50$ and have a nice close shave. Thanks

admin answers:

I would suggest using a liquid hair remover.. Just apply it wait f minues that is five minutes and rinse it off.. You need air freshner after use.. It does not smell good . Electric you can only do where there is an outlet… Lets say at the beach you decide to wear that small bottom.. Well you can go in the changing room apply the solution wait and rinse all the unwanted hair off.. And you dont have to see what you are doing. Ok gilermo.

Sandra asks…

what kind of electric razor is best for a woman?

i hate shaving and am thinking about purchasing an electric razor or epilator. any suggestions? i need something that works well on all areas including sensitive ones.

admin answers:

I don’t think electric razors are for “everywhere”

Paul asks…

What is the best razor for women?

I recently used my boyfriend’s razor, a gillette fusion-electric w/ 5 blades. I have never had a closer shave! I normally use a schick quattro and was wondering if there is an electric 5 blade razor made for women? Or by comparison with the schick quattro, is there any better razor for women?

If not, I may just have to get his in a different color. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Omg i used that today! My legs have never been smoother! Venus breezei hear is good but not the disposal they suck! Just get the same your boyfriend has despite the manliness of it ahah

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