Your Questions About Best Electric Shaver For Head

Sandra asks…

Whats the best electric razor/shaver for your head?

I’m looking for something that will be able to shave my head larger than a stubble. Maybe something with multiple blades? I don’t know where to look or what to look for. Thanks in advance.

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Laura asks…

What is the best electric shaver for bald heads?

admin answers:

If you just want to cut it close get a Wahl. You can look them up on the web. I myself shave my head and just wet my head in the shower and use a Bic sensitive skin shaver by feel. When I get out of the shower and dry my head I just feel for places that I’ve missed and continue shaving until my head is smooth.

Carol asks…

best electric shaver for very sensitive skin?

Hi, I have really sensitive skin my face burns like hell all day after I shave and I get a slight rash on my neck (this might be because I’m still only 18 and my skin is still very soft). is there any good electric shavers that wont do this or not as bad and do you know of any pre shave gel for electric shavers? oh and what’s the difference between a wet or dry electric shaver? (I don’t want to use a razor as I don’t want to risk cutting my face up). and would a foil shaver be better than the usual head electric shavers?

many thanks,

admin answers:

Ι don’t know. Sorry 🙁

Thomas asks…

whats a great head shaver for a ” do it yourself” shave ? and I dont mean razors. :)?

I like to shave my own head, instead of going to the barber shop weekly, since my hair grows out so quickly…so my question is, whats the best electric shaver out there that’d allow me to shave my own head without missing any spots?
Regular shavers are not always easy to handle and whether you think you did or not, you always miss a couple spots and the shave isn’t nearly as close as if someone else were to do it. Can anyone point me out to a great head shaver? Thank you for your time.

admin answers:

Almost any conair is good. If you want a professional shaver – go buy one at a beauty supply shop.

Ken asks…

Which electric shaver is best?

I’m looking to get an electric shaver for weekday touchups. I keep my facial hair short, so I don’t need anything capable of cutting long hair. Right now I’m trying to decide between a Braun (Series 5 or 7) and a Norelco. I had a Braun Series 5 before and it worked okay but the self-cleaning system quickly broke and started leaking. I’ve never used a Norelco three-head razor. Any thoughts on which is best for daily shaving?

admin answers:

I have braun cruzer 4 and it is good

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