Your Questions About Best Electric Shaver For Men

Jenny asks…

Whats the best electric shaver for men under £200?

In your opinion, whats the best shaver for men that is under £200. I want to buy my dad a shaver for christmas.

admin answers:

I’ve used a lot of electric shavers over the years, and I’ve grown fond of the Braun series. These shavers are the foil style, which I prefer to the rotary type models. The Braun series also come with a recharge stand that also serves as a cleaning station. You put in the shaver, press a button, and it pumps in cleaning solution to get the foil and cutter all nice and clean for the next shave.

The basic shave you’ll get is the same for all of the Braun models. Anyone who says different doesn’t know what they are talking about – as can be shown by the fact that the replacement foil and cutter is the same part number for all models. The differences between the various models have to do with the fancy lights, displays, and other sparkly things to amaze the masses. So get whatever model falls within your budget and your dad will be happy.

A few pointers. I like to remove the foil after each shave and use a loose brush to roughly clean it out after each shave. This makes it easier for the cleaning station to work, and will make the cleaning solution last longer. Another tip is to buy additional cutter/foil and cleaning solution packs online. If you buy these items in bulk packages, you can save a fortune.

Richard asks…

What is the best electric shaver for men ?

I’ve been having a wet shave with a razor. I want to try an electric one because I like keeping my beard short and nice.
I’m split between to things though. Razors that have got 3 rotating things or one that is like a normal long one (like a Braun shaver).

What is the best ? The differences ? Disadvantages and advantages ?


admin answers:

It depends on your preferences. Some men prefer the rotary shaver (three heads with blades that turn in a circular motion) while other prefer the foil shaver (single strips of metal covered in a layer of foil).

This website will give you the advantages and disadvantages of each and gives reviews for the best shaver. It helped me make up my mind what one sort to get for my son this christmas.

Ruth asks…

What is the best electric shaver for men to buy?

I’ve tried a few and they were garbage. Anyone know a good one for the price that actully works?

Also What is a good face cleaser for men that works as well as an under eye treatment? I figured id ask all once rather than have 3 different posts

admin answers:

Everybody’s beard is different and changes over time. I have used a Braun for several years and a Norelco triple-header before that. Now the Braun isn’t shaving me as closely as it used to ( and I DO regularly change the blades and the screen).

I actually use the stuff my wife uses for the wrinkles around the eyes. I think she buys it at Clinique, but I don’t know the name of it.

Mark asks…

What is the best men’s electric shaver on the market?

Not for the price, I am talking the absolute best product period.

Closest shave, comfort, etc.

My husband’s birthday is coming up and I want to buy him the best available electric shaver.


admin answers:

It’s very much a matter of personal preference, but I’ve used Philishaves for nearly 30 years and heartily recommend.

They typically last about 10 years before either the cell dies or you find you are unable to obtain replacement blades, and at that point I replace it with a new and better model. I don’t buy the ‘top of the range’ as I believe you just pay extra for unnecessary features.

Key features I would look for:
quick recharge
ability to run on mains in case completely out of power
flexible blades / shape conforming to face
waterproof for easy cleaning
travel pouch to protect when travelling

Doesn’t sound like you are particularly price sensitive, but nevertheless it’s worth shopping around, using e.g. Kelkoo. Money I saved on my most recent shaver, last year, would be enough to pay for an excellent bottle of vintage fizz to go with the shaver.

Linda asks…

Best electric shaver for men?

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and I’d like to get him the best electric shaver out there! He has such a hard time shaving and gets ingrown hairs so often. Can anyone recommend a top notch brand and also the best cream/aftershave or whatever you guys use? Any suggestions would help me get a good start on this. Thanks!

admin answers:

There is no need for shaving cream, or after shave if you’re using a quality device.
Just find a good site that rates the best devices authentically, like and choose one that you think your boyfriend will like.

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