Your Questions About Best Electric Shaver

Mary asks…

What is the best electric shaver?

I’m about to be 18 and for christmas I’m asking for an electric razor that will last me a while (looking into braun or phillips). I mostly grow hair on my neck and was wondering what the best shaver is for dealing with the neck beard and that minimizes red bumps afterwords.

admin answers:

Try the new Braun series number 7.They are a little bit pricey but well worth the money.Cheaper to buy online though from Amazon.
Read the customer’s reviews.

Ken asks…

What is the best electric shaver to buy?

I want to get my husband an electric shaver as one of his gifts for Christmas. Anyone know which one is best. I would like to stay under 100.00. Thanks.

admin answers:

Gilette, the best a man can get.
Seriously ^^
The newest Gilette, the one with 4 spinning circles.

Sandra asks…

What is the best electric foil shaver?

I currently use a Fusion ProGlide Razor by Gillette but I am looking to enter into the electric shaver market because I don’t wanna spend 20 dollars everytime I need a new blade. That being said, what is the best foil shaver that would give me a shave as close to the Gillette Fusion? Is it possible to have an electric razor that doesn’t leave behind stubble? I am willing to spend anywhere up to $125-150… Thanks!

admin answers:

Go for the panasonics.
They have the best shavers on the market and the top of the range models will give u the closeness of the manual razors. However, you will need to spend abit more than ur given budget in the question. However in the long run, it is worth it. Because it will save u loads of $$ from purchasing replacement blades.

Betty asks…

Which one is the best electric shaver?

I am planning to buy an electric shaver either from Philips (rotary) or Braun (foil). I have no info over both of their performances. Is the Philips arcitec system performs better than the Braun pulsonic while shaving thick haired skin? What do you think would be the best for a close-shave?

One more thing: have any of you have any bad experiences with the noise of the shaver at all?

admin answers:

I wouldnt use an electric system at all if you have thick hairs. I used a phillips type and the blades went blunt rather quickly, cost the earth to replace and irritates my skin when i use it. Old fashioned blades do the job better.

Susan asks…

What is the best electric shaver a man can buy if he has decided to go with the bald look?

I need to know what is the best electric shaver i can ball that can provide a close shave to someone trying to shave their head bald?

admin answers:

You would be better off using a safety razor…

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