Your Questions About Braun Shaver Parts

George asks…

braun shaver parts in dublin ireland can be purchased where?

admin answers:

Have you tried to contact Braun itself if they have an office in Ireland or you can call another office maybe in the UK? The details should be with the warranty card that comes along with the shaver or check on for the number in the UK or similar in Ireland.

Ken asks…

i need a 12 vdc charger cord for my Braun electric shaver? Where can I look. Most sites have only the parts?

admin answers:


Sandra asks…

Can I shave my pubes with the Braun Series 3 390CC shaver? Do I need to use foam? Any other…?

…tips? Thanks.
Type in “Braun Series 3 390CC” in google to find an image of the shaver I’m talking about.

I’m a 21 yr old male, just if that might matter. I don’t want to use a regular shaver because I’m scared of hitting any vital parts, so I want to use an electric because it’s safer. But I’m not sure if it is even supposed to be used for that. Thanks for any help.

admin answers:

Try it and found out. If you are large than you have nothing to worry about, just push it to the side. If you are trying to get a raise out of this question, you can do better. Read some magazines.

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best shaver for my boyfriend? He’s always used shavers and bought a braun cordless and returned it

He recently brought a cordless shaver from braun and it felt like it would put on his facial hair instead of shaving, the worst part is that it didn’t shave like he wanted to. Plus I need something that won’t give him a rash, since he has sensitive skin. I guess something like with the three little heads would be better like Norelco products, I just don’t know which one.

admin answers:

Nobody seems to agree what shaver works best – that’s probably why there are so many types on the market. One thing that many people seem to agree on is that multiple heads are better than one, but not everyone thinks so. Whatever you decide, look for a model that has titanium shaving heads that flex easily, and also buy him the pre-shaving lotion like the one at the link below. This stuff makes a bigger difference than the shaver.

Jenny asks…

Men’s Shavers Replacement Parts?

Where is the best place to buy Remington, Braun and Philips Norelco shavers replacement parts at the lowest price? Either online or in a store.

admin answers:

I think you will find the replacement costs are almost as much as buying a new razor. Walmart & K-Mart have replacement blades/heads – but they are only about $10.00 less than buying a whole new unit.

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