Your Questions About Braun Shaver Series 3

Maria asks…

Braun series 3 shaver?

Hello has anyone got this shaver how good is it? please could you recomend a good shaver for the head too… although my hubby likes his razor, says you cant get a better shave with any other, ok but their must be a good quick and easy electric rechargeable shaver out their thats made for head shaves aswell as the face thanks.

admin answers:

The user knows best…but electric shavers wouldn’t shave the head close enough.

Buy a blade and do it for him…it’s cheaper.

Jenny asks…

Should i buy the Braun series 3 370cc Electic Shaver?

i want to buy my boyfriend a good electric shaver for christmas, this one looks the best to me so far. he usually just trims up.

admin answers:

It is a good shaver. It won’t be as close a shave as a razor but you said it’s only for trimming.

Donald asks…

What is the difference between the Braun Series 3 380s and the 340s?

The website shows them to have the exact same specifications, but in the shops the 380s is at least £20 more expensive. It’s so confusing to me!


admin answers:

Fully waterproof for convenient use in the shower or bath, the Series 3 380-3 Wet & Dry Shaver and 340s – flexible triple-foil head cuts short and long hairs easily

Sandra asks…

whats the diffrence between whats the difference between Braun Series-3 340 wetdry and 380 wet and dry shaver?

whats the difference between Braun Series3 340 wetdry and 380 wet and dry mens shaver ?

admin answers:

Braun make 380 is an improvised model.

William asks…

What is the big difference between the braun series 3, 5, and 7 shaver ?

admin answers:

Very little changes in appearances and quality. They’re just newer models.

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