Your Questions About Ladies Shavers Products

Robert asks…

Where can i buy PHILIPS products in Brisbane??? HELP me please!?

i want to buy PHILIPS HP6503 ….that’s the LADIES SHAVER..

anybody know that ???thank you so much!!!
where is the shaver shop???


admin answers:

‘the shaver shop’

they usually have everything there

David asks…


I need a shaver for my private area to make a thin strip and keep it even and perfect,…..will this be a good one?

any other recommendations?


admin answers:

Yep its gonna be good..
Market is full of such products .sorry no recommendations cus i won’t get paid for it lol 😉 you also try hair remover as well

Mandy asks…

Any suggestion for a Painless and still Good shaver or razor for shaving legs?

Epi-ladies are painful and I just want to buy a good product with a good and easy shave for legs.

Do you suggest Remington for ladies? or do you suggest any other products that gives a clean,easy and painless shave for legs?

If so please mention the name,brand and the cost of it if you know.

admin answers:

Remington electric shavers work well. You should get one of those. They are more expensive than razors, but you only have to replace the blades in them about once every year. It’s always best to shave after you get out of the shower, but I think you can shave while you are in the shower with some of those Remington electric shavers. I like the Remington shavers. I’ve tried other brands, but Remington shavers seem to work the best. Be sure to spend at least $30 if you want a good electric shaver. The Remington WR-5000 is probably the best electric shaver for women because it has three sets of rotating blades. The rest of the Remington shavers for women are foil shavers. You are more likely to have problems with razor burn if you use a foil shaver.

John asks…

Lady Shaver for wife !?

Hi there Ladies,
I need a little help with finding a shaver since my wife broke hers.
She has a phillips shaver and darn thing wont start.
Now I wanna get something that is of a good quality, does the job flawlessly and lasts longer.
I looked online but there is so much junk out there…I would like you help me and point me to right product !!!!!
Thank you very much ladies !
Sorry for not mentioning.
But Yes I am looking for an electric shaver.

admin answers:

*ELECTRIC RAZORS- Well, I’m assuming she uses electric, so I’d use a well known brand. I don’t really know much about electric ones, because I don’t use them. . . So, I suggest going to Walmart ( or another well known retailer ) and get Something ( I suggest a well-known brand ) But, Look at the package and make sure it looks like the product should work. Ask another woman in that section, if you wouldn’t be embarrassed.
* BLADED RAZORS- I suggest Venus Embrace, I love mine. Get a 3 or 4 blade one. Don’t get really cheap ones ( like Bic ) Because they will cut her easily. And they wear out very quick.
* CHEMICAL HAIR REMOVERS- You might get her some Nair or Veet. If she has sensitive skin, then get the sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and I used the Nair Sensitive Skin, and it made me break out severely. But, different people have different types of skin.

I enjoyed helping-


Daniel asks…

can razors to shave legs be use to shave hair around vagina?

if we want to go to farmacy, what should we say to buy that product? I’m serious idk. Lady’s vagina razor? hair shaver? Help me please?

admin answers:

You just ask for victor plus razor and shaving cream then first apply water then apply shaving cream then shave it thats it then apply some oil on your vagins so that it out hurt you

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