Your Questions About Ladies Shavers

Ruth asks…

If flying with easyjet, from England, are ladies shavers allowed in hold baggage?

Their website mentions that razorblades and other sharp objects like scissors are not allowed at all, but I’m not sure about this. I’d be so grateful if anyone could help. Thanks.

admin answers:

I don’t think it’s going to be a problem, but if makes you more comfy leave it and get a cheap disposable wherever you are flying.

Europe airports are not as ridiculous as US’s.

Linda asks…

Ladies who use electric shavers: If I get an electric shaver, will I have problems with nicks and cuts?

I need to do something. In the shower today I took out a slice of my skin on my ankle. yikes!

admin answers:

No I used the guys one from gilette its was orange and silver I loved it your legs come out softer then when you use shaving cream even if you arent using any. I never got cut and I did it super fast since I shave before school starts and you know how u cant mov ethe razor to the side w/o getting cut you can do that with and electric and not get cut

George asks…

Do any of you ladies use men’s electric shavers for your legs?

I always use a manual, I’m just wondering if any other women out there have used the men’s electric shavers on their legs or if that is even really possible.

admin answers:

Yes i have used both in the past if your going to buy a electic buy a mens one they work much better.

Daniel asks…

Ladies shavers recommend?

which ladies shaver would you recommend for great results?

admin answers:


Laura asks…

ladies shavers… whats the difference between the guy’s razor?

my dads kinda possesive about his razors (he has a few for some reason) and i cant get my hands on a ladie’s leg shaver and i have a cheap man’s leg shaver that have blades that are blunt (i have to go over my leg about 59 times for a hairless look)

admin answers:

Well i really don’t know but my opinion is when you shave with a men’s razor it makes your skin harder and rougher like a man but with a woman’s razor it feels like soft sheets rubbing across your skin. Hope I helped! 🙂

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