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Richard asks…

What is the best shaver to get rid of facial hair in teens?

Which shaver would be better for a teen who has facial hair? Would it be gel and a shaver or electric? and which brand? I use a generic brand and it doesn’t get rid of all my facial hair. Which shaver could I use to get rid of all of it?

admin answers:

The best there is is the Gillette Fusion power mach 5:they have 5 blades close together and give a clean smooth shave
Use a foam or gel.

Paul asks…

What is the best shaver for black men?

I wanted to know because im going to the Army soon and I want to start shaving. Im a novice on which shaver are best for black men manual shavers only people. Ex: Gillette Fusion Pro-glide and Schick Hydro 5 are some of the shavers I want to try but I just don’t know which shavers are best for me.

admin answers:

Gillette fusion

Maria asks…

What is the best shaver to shave all (or most) parts of your body?

I need one an amateur (and guy who hasn’t done this before) can use without getting cuts. I used a mechanical head shaver and it didn’t get close enough. Please help. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Use one with a blade.

Lisa asks…

What is the best shaver to get the hairs on neck and close face shave?

I had an electric shaver before, but switched to just a blade because the electric could not shave my neck.

admin answers:


Jenny asks…

What are the advantages of using shaver/trimmer instead of razors in regard to skin look and feel?

Skin does not get rough with the use of shaver/trimmer but thats not the case with razor,thats what I have heard from my friends, but not sure though. Any inputs/opinions/suggestions.

admin answers:

You don’t get cuts, it’s a smooth shave, you don’t have to wash with warm soap and water you just shave it.

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8 thoughts on “Your Questions About Shaver

  1. You will find hair at areas in the face like the jaw, eyebrows, top lip, and even within the nose. If the woman’s skin tone is much darker than her face hair, this may not set a challenge but if the woman’s skin tone is much lighter, then the exorbitant hair growth will be more obvious and so, needs to be removed asap. Fortunately because of the many options available female face hair removal is now simple.

  2. Just simply pull it out, and the most effective way to try this is with 2 tweezers. It isn't worth the effort for individual hairs or the eyebrows which could put the eyes in danger.

    An extremely well liked strategy nowadays is laser hair removing, which is justified when the hair to get rid of is abounding and you're looking at the long term.

  3. In the event you are concerned about using drugs, then why not use natural methods of face hair expansion? One of them is applying eucalyptus oil on your beard and taking around 2.5 mg of biotin every day.

  4. When the hair you need to eliminate is constrained, tweezers and tweezer epilators are a good selection. This strategy is extensively utilized for the underarms and bikini area. This way hair also gets weaker in time.

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